Whether you need a simple filter or a complete treatment system, we can help you with our extensive range of water treatment plant and equipment.

Our systems solve many problems that are encountered by industrial and commercial users of water, thus optimising the efficiency and lifecycle of your water systems.

Chemicals (& Dosing)

We supply standard water treatment chemicals for boiler waters, cooling towers and closed circuits (heating and chilled). Supplying the chemicals however is just part of our service. Azure's successful relationships with equipment manufacturers for cooling towers and steam boilers ensures that the company can offer its customers the most up to date technology, information and support. This means that our products and services are compatible with both new and old systems alike and ensures continuous improvements to customers’ treatment regimes.

The Azure range of products are continually evaluated against emerging market trends and prevailing legislation to ensure that we are able to anticipate the changing needs of our customers.

Our comprehensive service contacts, from the initial setting up dosing systems to maintain acceptable dosing levels by on and offline analysis maintains system efficiencies.

Azure supply a comprehensive range of scale and corrosion inhibitors, biocides and chemical cleaning agents to keep the following systems operating at their optimum efficiency:

  • Steam Boiler Plant
  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
  • Closed heating and chilled water systems
  • Pre Treatment Plant


  • Full range of boiler water treatments
  • Full range of cooling water treatments
  • A selection of treatments for closed heating and chilled water systems
  • Chemical products for pre-commission cleaning of various types of system
  • Resin treatments for pre-treatment plants.


  • Planned analytical service visits at agreed intervals
  • Service reports and other documentation tailor made to each sites own requirement.
  • Boiler inspection visits

Dosage and Control Equipment

Azure offer an extensive range of high performance chemical dosing pumps, meters and control equipment suitable for use across a wide range of industrial and process applications where performance and reliability are essential.

For more information about our latest range of chemical dosing pumps, meters, bunds, dosing pots and control equipment please contact us so that we can discuss you requirements and provide the optimum control system.

  • A full range of electronic dosing pumps
  • A full range of steam boiler dosing and control systems including sample coolers
  • A full range of cooling water control equipment to fully automate dosing of inhibitors biocides and bleed off
  • Closed system dosing pots
  • Chlorine dioxide units
  • Water softeners
  • Chemical dosing tanks and bunds
  • Brominators
  • Hydrocyclone filters

Pre-Treatment Plant

There is a high demand on water resources by industry due to the variety of uses which water is put. The two most common uses are:-

a) As a transporter of energy e.g. in steam raising plant, cooling systems and heating circuits
b) As an integral part of the process e.g. in soft drinks manufacture, chemicals production and the food industry.
However as these tasks become more complex, and the plant employed more sophisticated, the impurities in the water can cause problems within the plant resulting in reduced efficiency, increased maintenance and lost production. Hence the need for Pre Treatment Plant in many circumstances.
Each process must be evaluated to assess the need for the correct treatment plant.
This may be as simple as a softener, reverse osmosis plant, dealkalisation plant through to demineralisation.

In addition to the correct pre treatment a complete chemical programme to combat scale, corrosion and possible bio-fouling must also be implemented to ensure the minimum amount of waterside problems.

There are financial penalties for industry to pay if the correct measures are not taken:

  • Increased maintenance
  • Increased fuel costs due to reduced heat transfer
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Repair costs
  • Down time and lost production
  • Increased capital costs due to plant that requires replacing 

To ensure that you have the right pre-treatment plant for your processes please contact us to discuss your requirements and the range of equipment available.

  • Water Softeners            
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • DeAlkalisation
  • Demineralisation
  • Side Stream Filtration

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning processes improve the efficiency and extend the working life of equipment, plant and pipework. Our chemical cleaning service provides customers with a safe, economic and effective solution for a fouled water system. We have the chemical cleaning experience for the removal of materials such as:

  • Oils
  • Corrosion products
  • Water hardness deposits;
  • Biofouling.

This can be carried out using a variety of applications on plant and equipment that include:

  • Industrial steam raising plant
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Lubrication systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipelines
  • Cooling systems
  • Vessels.

It will help reduce costly repairs and make plant maintenance easier and safer by minimising risk to site personnel through the elimination of potential environment hazards through the removal of unwanted deposition caused by scale deposits and corrosion from internal waterways in plant, systems, pipe runs and equipment.

This enables savings and improves efficiencies through;

  • Reduced down time;
  • Reduces fuel costs;
  • Reduces repair costs

Pre commission cleaning, followed by chemical treatment, of new installations is also accommodated for to ensure that your system does not deteriorate and cause unnecessary downtime in the future.

Chemical Sampling and Testing

All non-microbial testing, such as closed water system analysis, is carried out by either in house by trained personnel (accredited to Water management Society standards) or by a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

Water Quality Analysis Equipment:

We can provide you with all the equipment and reagents that you require for monitoring your water systems: test kits, meters, reagents, equipment, spares, training services and more. Contact us with your requirements.

In addition to our complete portfolio of water treatment chemicals, pre-treatment plant and dosing/control equipment, we are able to deliver unique solutions to meet specific customer applications.

Should you require any further detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.